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The Times of Today Music Video

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Original song, written by Freddy Cory, arranged and produced by Rob Rappaport, from The Cory Collection at

"My dear friend, Freddy Cory wrote this wonderful song about our current social condition. I had the privilege of interpreting it with visuals. Hope you like it." - Dan Chapman,

The Times of Today

On the streets you can hear

the sounds of social comment

almost everywhere

concerning the morality

of modern day society

and the times of today

Where the powerful

and the potent

pollute the public

and the poor and apathetic

can’t even help themselves,

while profit not people is priority

in the times of today

And when the individual

is reduced to a residual

then could come the end

of a beautiful concept

we’re willing to defend

called democracy

in the times of today

in the times of today

in the times of today.

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